What you will learn

  • 1

    Video lessons

    • Overview

    • Minimum hardware solution

    • Minimum software solution

    • Audacity audio creation

    • Camtasia audio content creation

    • Anchor.fm audio content creation

    • Blog talk radio audio content creation

    • Free conference call audio content creation

    • Skype audio content creation

    • GoToWebinar audio content creation

    • Repurpose live video into audio (Part 1)

    • Repurpose live video into audio (Part 2)

    • Podcast Intro and Outro

    • Audio editing and addition of intro

    • Audio editing- noise reduction

    • Podcast hosting

    • Podcast artwork

    • Submitting your podcast (Part 1)

    • Submitting your podcast (Part 2)

    • Conclusion

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  • How long is this course?

    This course is 1hr+

  • How long do I have access to the course materials?

    You have access to the course for the duration of your membership

  • Is it 100% online?

    Yes, it is completely online.

  • Do I lose access if I cancel my membership?

    Yes, you lose access once you cancel your membership